Sales with Generative Artificial Intelligence: A comprehensive overview

In today’s digital world, companies are looking for innovative ways to increase efficiency and improve customer service. Generative artificial intelligence (GKI) is a groundbreaking technology that helps with this. In this article, we look at how CCI can transform sales across industries and answer important questions about automation.

Why should you automate?

Automation offers numerous advantages for companies:

  1. Increased efficiency: By automating routine tasks, employees can concentrate on strategically important activities.
  2. Cost reduction: Automated processes reduce the need for manual intervention, which lowers operating costs.
  3. Improved service quality: Automated systems work around the clock and deliver consistent results, which increases customer satisfaction.

How do I introduce AI in my company?

The introduction of artificial intelligence in a company requires careful planning and implementation:

  1. Needs analysis: Determine which processes in sales and customer service can be automated.
  2. Technology selection: Choose suitable AI software solutions that fit your specific requirements.
  3. Integration and training: Integrate the AI applications into your existing infrastructure and train your employees in the use of the new technology.

The use case: Sales with Generative Artificial Intelligence // Sales Assistant

An impressive example of the successful integration of GKI in sales is the project. Here, an AI-supported sales assistant was developed to analyze incoming emails, extract relevant information and automatically create offers.

Functional scope of the AI solution

  1. Analysis and prioritization of emails:
  • The AI analyzes all incoming emails and moves irrelevant messages to special folders.
  • Relevant requests are identified and prioritized based on historical data.
  1. Extraction and processing of information:
    • The AI extracts the information required to prepare a quotation from relevant emails.
    • If information is incomplete, the system automatically generates queries for the customer.
  2. Quotation preparation and communication:
    • With complete information, the AI calculates the offer taking into account the data sources that are relevant for your offer preparation. These can be internal and external data sources, for example. Energy prices, timings, third-party providers and all relevant points for creating your offer can be included as data sources.
    • A central dashboard provides an overview of all requests, enables efficient control and simplifies reporting.
  3. Automated customer interaction:
    • The AI automatically sends status updates to the relevant parties and optimizes route planning for transports, for example.
    • Customer interaction can take place via a wide variety of communication channels. You can find more information on this in the graphic below “ Enterprise Architecture”.

Why is automation the future of customer service?

Automation in customer service offers numerous advantages:

  1. 24/7 availability: Automated systems can work around the clock, which improves availability and response times.
  2. Scalability: Automation enables companies to grow and handle larger volumes of customer inquiries without additional personnel costs.
  3. Consistency and accuracy: AI-supported systems provide consistent and precise answers, which increases service quality.

Cross-industry advantages of GKI in sales

The advantages of GKI are cross-industry and diverse:

  1. Efficient communication: Automated emails and messages improve customer communication and interaction.
  2. Optimized processes: AI-supported analysis and automation lead to optimized processes and increased efficiency.
  3. Data-based decisions: CCI enables the precise analysis of large amounts of data, which leads to a better basis for decision-making.

The Enterprise AI architecture

The Enterprise AI architecture provides the technological framework for the implementation of AI solutions . This architecture is based on large language models (LLMs). This abstracts from the specifics of the individual models as developed by OpenAI, Google, Anthropic and others. This ensures maximum flexibility and prevents vendor lock-in. The architecture is capable of processing both internal and external, structured and unstructured data and accessing APIs.

The right architecture for building sales with Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Access all relevant data and communicate with your customers in sales at the same time with Generative Artificial Intelligence.

Advantages of the Enterprise AI architecture

  1. Flexibility: The ability to work with different LLMs and open source models offers a high degree of adaptability.
  2. Data protection and security: The architecture is operated in a private cloud instance of Microsoft Azure, which meets the highest security and availability standards. Operation in an EU data center ensures that confidential data does not leave the EU. This ensures compliance with the GDPR and the EU AI Act.
  3. Special enterprise functions: The architecture offers functions such as role and rights management as well as quality and version management. These will not be provided by the LLMs themselves.

Conclusion: Shaping the future of sales with GKI and

The implementation of Generative Artificial Intelligence in sales and customer service offers companies the opportunity to significantly increase their efficiency. Service quality will also be improved. With the Enterprise AI architecture, companies not only receive advice, but also ready-made, data protection-compliant AI solutions that meet the highest security standards. By automating routine tasks and providing precise analyses, companies can optimize their sales strategies and focus on the needs of their customers.

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