New start
with old acquaintances

Podcast: AI
and the future

The podcast “Earth 5.0 – Change of Perspective”, known for its in-depth discussions on technology and society, has been revived under the new title “AI and the Future”. Karl-Heinz Land and Roland Fiege are continuing the tried-and-tested format and immersing themselves and their guests in the exciting opportunities and challenges that artificial intelligence and digitalization bring with them.

The significance of the new edition

By changing the name to “AI and the future”, the presenters are sending out a clear signal: The focus is on the advancing role of artificial intelligence in our society. The last episode before the new edition, episode 112 entitled “Colleague AI is here. The genie is out of the bottle”, already set the tone for the direction the podcast will take.

New episodes and content

Episode 113: “Crime Scene Entrepreneurship?” with Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen

Content of the episode

In the episode “Tatort Unternehmertum?”, Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen talks about the often misunderstood image of entrepreneurs. He emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between inheritance and the active management of companies. The role of family businesses in creating jobs and solving customer problems, as opposed to the negative public perception, is critically examined.

Points for discussion

  • The discrepancy between public opinion and the reality of family businesses
  • The long-term contributions of family businesses to the social market economy

Episode 114: “AI vs. human intelligence.” with Frank Dopheide

Content of the episode

Frank Dopheide, founder of Human Unlimited, discusses the importance of creativity and intuition in a world dominated by business administration and AI. This episode questions whether the increasing reliance on technological intelligence is undermining the human potential for creativity and imagination.

Points for discussion

  • The role of “purpose” in modern companies
  • The importance of the right hemisphere for creativity and innovative solutions

Closing thoughts

“AI and the Future” provides a platform for in-depth discussions about the interaction between humans and machines as well as the social and economic implications of digitalization. The continuation of this podcast under a new name promises to be an essential forum for all those at the interface of technology, business and culture.


The podcast “AI and the future” remains an important voice in the discussion about the digital future. By continuing the dialog on artificial intelligence and its impact, it encourages a deeper understanding and conscious use of technology in our society.

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