Your path to digital self-determination with Perfect-iD in today’s #StartupSpotlight

The digital world in which we navigate is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it unfolds a universe of infinite possibilities before us; on the other, our privacy often seems to be the price we pay for this technological progress. Taking back control of your own data seems almost like a lost luxury in this era. But does it really have to be like this?

In today’s edition of our #StartupSpotlight series, we present Perfect-iD / Personal information Data-Exchange, an innovative start-up dedicated to reclaiming data sovereignty in Europe. 🗝️

Since 2019, Perfect-iD has been working on a technology that could open a new chapter in the handling of personal data. Their mission is clear: to create a balance between the protection of individual data and business objectives, a symbiosis that has become rare in the digital wilderness.

Through their app Pia, Perfect-iD enables you to take back the reins of your digital identity. You can collect and control your data from various sources such as Google. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. The technology can be integrated into apps as a white label, and soon you will only be able to surf with your cell phone number – supported by a very exciting technology from the telecommunications companies that only presents approved content.

Consent plays a central role in this model. With an opt-in, you can allow companies to use your data, but all under the secure umbrella of GDPR compliance. This approach creates a win-win situation. This can be set up as an individual release or for a time window. Based on the controlled data, Perfect-iD develops processes to generate real prospects, whereby you are rewarded for sharing your data, for example through points or coins that can be redeemed. At the same time, companies get a data clean room, a secure place to process data and ensure that they do not violate the GDPR rules.🔐

The jungle of data is a challenge for both companies and private individuals. Companies navigate through the fog of poor quality 3rd party data and expensive data acquisition, while we, the individuals, are often in the dark about the control and value of our data.

Perfect-iD strives to shed light on this jungle. With better data quality through data sovereignty and incentive systems for companies, and regained self-determination, control and transparency over our own shared data for us private individuals, Perfect-iD offers a solution that could bridge the gap between data protection and business efficiency.

The vision for the future is as clear as it is ambitious: Use of 1st/zero party data in business processes, higher data quality at lower costs, and a GDPR-compliant infrastructure. With additional functions such as the matching of user information with suitable advertising through AI and the possibility for companies to access a pool of anonymous data, Perfect-iD is setting sail for a privacy-friendly digital future.

The technological solutions offered by Perfect-iD range from a backend tool to control the front ends, a plug-in for website integration, an SDK for apps and a multicloud solution for the Data Clean Room.

Perfect-iD represents not just a company, but a movement towards a world where our data belongs to us, and companies can understand us better without violating our privacy.

Think of Perfect-iD as a safe haven in the storm of the digital data flood. A secret compartment where you keep all your valuable data safe and only you decide who has access to it. In a world where data protection and transparency are becoming increasingly important, Perfect-iD could be a beacon that shows us the way to a secure and sovereign digital identity.

The journey to digital self-determination has only just begun, and Perfect-iD is one of the trailblazers on this exciting course. Dive deeper into the world of Perfect-iD and discover how it could revolutionize the way we handle our data.

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